Rakuten’s Kobo brand introduces Kobo Sage and Kobo Libra 2 eReaders

Rakuten’s Kobo brand has introduced two new eReaders that expand the company’s offerings in the mid-range and top-end tiers. The devices, at least on paper, look to stack up favorably against Amazon’s newly unveiled next-gen Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition readers.

The Kobo Sage is described as the company’s most luxurious reading experience to date. It packs an 8-inch HD flush E-Ink Carta 1200 glare-free screen with adjustable brightness and temperature controls. There’s 32GB of onboard storage that’s accessible via USB-C connectivity, and Dropbox is also supported should you need even more space.

The slate further features Bluetooth for listening to audiobooks and carries an IPX8 waterproof rating.

The Kobo Libra 2, meanwhile, is the successor to the original mid-range Libra eReader. It ships with a slightly smaller 7-inch HD E-Ink Carta 1200 glare-free screen along with the same brightness and temperature controls, 32GB of storage that’s accessible over USB-C, and also carries an IPX8 rating.

Unlike the Kobo Sage which is only offered in black, the Libra 2 comes in your choice of white or black. It, too, has Bluetooth connectivity for listening to audiobooks. Both models support an array of SleepCovers in a variety of colors.

Pre-orders for the Kobo Sage and Kobo Libra 2 open today with pricing set at $299.99 CAD ($238.58) for the Sage and $219.99 CAD ($174.95) for the Libra 2. SleepCovers are sold separately and will set you back an additional $49.99 for the Sage or $49.99 for the Libra 2. Deliveries and in-store availability will begin on October 19 in the US, Canada, the UK and more than a dozen additional countries.